Sustainable Farming

Sustainable FarmingCimarone owners Roger and Priscilla Higgins are dedicated to the philosophy of sustainable farming. Priscilla’s father was an early ecologist in sub-Saharan Africa, and Priscilla grew up living close to the land. She was imbued with a keen sense of responsibility to ecological sustainability and preserving the creatures that depended upon it. One of the couple's sons has followed in his grandfather’s footsteps with his work at Stanford’s Carnegie Department of Global Ecology.

All of our fruit comes from Three Creek Vineyard, which is farmed under the watchful eye of Coastal Vineyard Care Associates (CVCA), Santa Barbara’s premier vineyard custodian. CVCA aim to impart minimal impact on the environment through sustainable farming practices such as carefully addressing soil erosion and incorporating the use of biodegradable/natural materials in addressing pests and mildew issues in the vineyard.