Meet the Dogs

MacKali and Mac are our winery dogs. They came along shortly after Roger and Cilla selected the Three Creek Vineyard property – one could say it passed the sniff test.  Born in 2003, these male litter-mates have developed distinct personalities.

Mac, a classic long-haired border collie, was given a fine Scottish name.  He is crazy for a ball, and like a good Scot, hangs onto it with his life – eating and sleeping with it.  He does not love junkets to the veterinarian’s office, as was well evidenced when he lifted his leg to ‘water’ the vet’s sofa.


KaliKali's name means 'fierce' in Swahili, which he is not.  He tries desperately to speak like a Kalihuman and has even perfected a human smile.  Though the beta dog of the pair, he’s got a bit of a racy kleptomania side to him.  Kali once stole the builder’s lunch when he wasn’t looking, and he delights in secreting away Mac’s beloved ball. As the smashing model for our label, Kali wears his fame with great modesty and humility.

Together, they preside over vineyard and winery affairs with careful attention to detail.

Note: Sadly, Kali stepped over the Rainbow Bridge in 2013...we miss him every day.